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Default Myth or fact about rinsing shisha before smoking it

So I went to a house party once and heard there was going to be a hookah. Just in case I brought about 25g of AF lemon mint because in my area of Hookah smokers they only smoke Nakhla double apple. The host starts to set up the hookah; keeps the old stale water in their from god knows how many sessions. And begins to prep the bowl. She takes a small amount of shisha in the palm of her hand and wets the opposite hands. She then transfers the shisha into the newly wet hand and squeezes her hand until molasses comes out and rinses her free hand. She does this transfer about 5 times and then easily sprinkles it into her bowl. I asked her about it and she said the indian guy at the hookah store told her to pack it that way to reduce headaches. Headaches were caused by the molasses.

What do you people think? Is this true? Do some people rinse the shisha before using it?
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