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Default Re: Myth or fact about rinsing shisha before smoking it

umm... NEVER heard of this before... ever. adding honey, yes. adding glycerin, yes. adding light molasses, yes. washed tobacco, yes i've heard of that: modern shisha tobaccos are already washed, before the addition of flavors and glucose-based binders. the washing process removes most of the nicotine and a lot of the natural tobacco flavor so that the inserted flavor comes through strongest.

this process seems ass-backward to me. i think you'd just end up burning the shit out of whatever tobacco you're re-washing (basically just removing the molasses/glycerin from. not to mention, Nak DA is already pretty dry...

did you actually smoke this thing? wtf did it taste like? my guess is just burnt nothing. there's little/no tobacco flavor left, she's washed most of the added flavor away, along with the stuff that keeps it from just straight burning...
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