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Default Re: Myth or fact about rinsing shisha before smoking it

HAHA 5 replies in like 5 minutes thats awesome. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my hookah. I change the water every time, keep it clean etc. This party was a wreck. There were about two hookahs there. One had been over filled and so like 5 people were slurping away at water clogged hosess (WE all know the dredded noise) but the girl who did the "washing" had a pretty nice hookah. Large, looked clean, nice hose, water level just right. She said that when she washed the shisha it was easier to fluff which mean easier to allow air flow to get through it etc. (so she wasn't retarded but still a newb) It tasted like Nak Da but was much easier to get started. When i say rinsed i don't mean like washing it under the sink for a few miinutes. More just squeezing out the juices a couple times with wet hands. Give it a try if you got a flavor ur trying to get rid of and let me know how it is. I've tried it with Nak mint and not half bad. But it is in no way part of my regular set up. Just one of those experimental type things.
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