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Default Re: Alcohol in base?! Sounds dangerous to me!

Now I am deffinately no biology major or a doctor or anything of that nature, but I do not see a hookah with alcohol in the base as a possible way to get intoxicated unless. . . you would be smoking for an immense amount of time. The reason being that while the fumes or vapors that alcohol gives off have the ability to intoxicate you, it would take quite a while to do so simply because the smoke is not directly mixing strongly enough with the liquid in the base. I would assume that there are a few chemical reactions taking place as the smoke is "pulled" through the water, but I do not believe that the reactions would allow a large enough quantity of alcohol to mix with the smoke and cause you to become intoxicated. Now I could very well be completely wrong simply for that facts that 1)alcohol does have a much lower point of evaporation than water; therefore, you may experience a bit of the vapors mixing with the smoke as the alcohol evaporates 2) the bubbles that the hookah creates with the water may agitate the mixture enought or consume enough alcohol to cause a feeling of intoxication. Again I don't think a one hour session of smoking would do all that much in terms of alcohol getting into your system, but a three or five or fourty eight hour session might cause to too feel some deffinate effects. Thats all just my theory's from high school chem though so have fun.
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