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Default P.O. Box

So I am seriously considering opening a PDX P.O. Box so i can recieve Tobacco in the mail, especially with this new contest going on, I really like hookah Hookah, but the HHE is just not doing it for me. So my question is, and i cant find in on the USPS website:

Say i get a small P.O. Box, and the Sahara Smoke box obviously wont fit inside my box, what happens. I am sure its a dumb question, but then again i dont understand why they would offer larger sizes if they will just hold overflow behind the counter.

If they hold it that would rick, only 20 bucks for 6 months, and that would be better than having to rely on my local shops to provide me with the shisha I really wanna try.

Edit. The P.O. Box I found is about 10 min from the Airport walking, so that is awesome!
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