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Default Re: Jurak Janet el Fewakeh - your opinion about this muassel

Its some local guy running exotica-gifts shop. He import jurak in 1kg packages, then realize he cant sell it without paying enormous taxes... and believe me, nobody here will buy 1 kg of black "unflavored" muassel for taxed price. Hookah culture is new here and everybody smokes flavoured muassels. With exception of crazy tearoom owner like Iam

Iam quite out of money now, dead seasson begins (summer/holidays/no students/empty streets) and still I need to have about 40 flavours of shisha, so i must buy smallest packages (250g), and now buy 1kg of something unknown... 1kg which I cant sell to end customers because its untaxed and unstamped... Its the question!

Finally I decide to buy it... need something better than ordinary fruity flavors!

Has anybody trying this?

Looks like shop for wholesales - but if more people give money together, they can buy muassel here, I think. Never try and now its out of my possibilities.

Smokes overload DA now, tired, go sleep

uglybiker: HAHA, really really good friends dont give me even clue when I ask here about old (pre-1990) packages of hookah tobacco. Maybe I send some of this Jurak to somebody, who offer me an old Nakhla can... heh heh
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