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Default Re: Smoking Too Much Hookah??

Originally Posted by stan152008 View Post
hey i've been smoking for 1 and a half years now and i smoke hookah about 3-4 times a day
i cant cut down, i seem to be addicted to it and i'm only 17 years old
anyone any ideas on how to cut down
Replace hookah with cigarettes

Not really, you just have to use willpower at the end of the day. 3/4 times is a lot, and you'll feel it eventually, pal, suddenly you'll run up some stairs and start panting like a frickin' demon.

You could try some nicotine replacement too, just go to your doctor and they will usually get you something like patches etc (at least they do here in England, I don't know about corporate America and your health insurance rubbish).

Eventually though, it comes down to being strong-willed. You just have to be determined enough to give up.

Also, just stop buying yourself shisha online?
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