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Default Re: Smoking Too Much Hookah??

Originally Posted by stan152008 View Post
hey i've been smoking for 1 and a half years now and i smoke hookah about 3-4 times a day
i cant cut down, i seem to be addicted to it and i'm only 17 years old
anyone any ideas on how to cut down
its hard to cut back on nicotine. the best (and practically only) way of getting over the addiction is to either cut back to once or twice a day, since its less than you smoke now.

either that or stop for a period of time. stop for a couple weeks. when it comes to cigarettes those with the lack of willpower to put them down and keep them there usually will cut back slowly. I know i went from a pack, pack and a half a day down to half, then a quarter, than one, and now i havent had one in 3 weeks.

the same thing applies to hookah because its nicotine also
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