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Default Re: What do you put in your base?

i put garlic, vinager, chocolate, wine, coke, eggs, saussage, juices, pickels, pasta, tomato sauce, credit card, grapes, rice, tobacco, coconut milk with vodka / without vodka, maple syrup, glicerine, gravy, spices, vodka & apple juice, minty candy, yogurt & pineapple juice, food colouring, ginger ale, ice cubes/ crashed ice, custard with wine, coffee, chocolate mint drink, english / brazilian / fruit tea, caipirinha (brazilian drink), ginger root & vodka, sugar & honey, HP sauce & lemon, Dr pepper & knorr, weird black stuff, Mint sauce, cream, cinnamon, milk, condensed milk & strawberry, olives, vitamin C, stuff that makes u puke,

EDIT: miso soup, shisha juice, smoothie & cream, rose, crashed mint leaves with ice, flour powder, tea bag, listerine, tooth paste, jam,

well and much more lol

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