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Default New Vendor in town!

On the radio, I've been hearing this new glass shop's ads - today the ad added the line, "We carry several different kinds of hookahs, supplies and shisha"

Well heck, I'm always looking for new local vendors - may not be as cheap, but always easier to run down the street for something I ran out of than waiting for a shipment to come in, ya know?

Hunt them up - call. They carry: Soex (blarg - even the gurl isn't sure why they carry it), Hookah-Hookah, Havana and STARBUZZ. The SB is $25 for a can of 250g, but since you aren't paying for shipping, for 1 or two cans, it's livable.

They only have Raspberry in SB in right now (she says they sell out fast - D'uh?) but they have a good stock of Havana and HH. So... as soon as more $$ wanders toward my person, I might give them a visit.

Oh, they are called: Aardvark Glass - fine glass wares, hookahs, incense burners and more.

(edited cause I can't speel)
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