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Default Bout to give up....

I figured I'd run back up to DFW this weekend and hit my markets for a new rig.

Im used to seeing and buying different sort of stuff than you find online.... Im sick of the same old same.

SO... I get there and all that stuff is pretty much phased out for pumpkins and Mya Sarays. Neither of which i give a crap about, as Iam needing a new rig to replace a corroded mya saray thats less than a year old. Screw this Chinese business.

What I need is a brass cast hookah that has a sleeved core. I am used to spending $59 a pop for them and am not about spend more for one either... as I have become spoiled and will give myself a reason to go to Houston and seek out the markets there..... any one knows where I can pick one up, please lemme know. I think I"ve damn near exhausted the net... but Im sure Ive forgotten a few places.

Any vendors that have a one of a kind sample or the like they are willing to part with, please hit me up.
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