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Cool ziplock resealable containers on sale! (under 1 dollar for 5)

well where i work (Ralphs) i needed new ziplock containers for my tobacco because the small size is perfect for 250g of tobacco. i mean just perfect you can fit a little more but it fills the whole thing. well i bought some today but before i did i checked the price and saw they where on sale for 1.20 off. on the same package it has a manufacturers coupon for 1 dollar off and it says on there that no double coupons so i was like aww well ateast its still a dollar off so 2.20 off the total price.

my recipet says
ziplock container 2.79
so now i need to check the price again tomorrow when i go to double check if the origional price was 2.79 or 3.99. if it was 2.79 you are getting 0.40 back (before taxes) from them so money which i doubt they will give so free. now if it is at 3.99 like i believe it is then it costs you 79 cents to buy 5 containers so what 15.8 cents before taxes. dirt cheap containers, reuseable, and hold 250g perfectly. im going to go buy a few more tomorrow.i didnt check if they would scan more than one coupon because i believe it says limit one per transaction and if so then just tell them to add it or put them one at a time all in a row with a divider saying they are all yours. separate transactions and you just keep forking out a dollar at a time. now this sale will be for atleast all the ones in the district and if nothing else it will be double coupons at ones outside of the district so atleast 50% off. these are at the ones like in lakewood, cerritos, and surrounding areas. i can get a list of the ones if people really want as this sale will continue until at least tuesday

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