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Default Re: What got you into Hookah?

I honestly can't remember when or where I smoked Hookah for the first time but I do recall that I bought my first Hookah about 7 years ago. It was a nasty and cheap little thing made of copper or brass and needless to say I knew practically nothing about smoking it. I actually had to search the internet on how to prepare it and back then the "Westernized Hookah culture" was still in it's infancy and there wasn't all these nice Hookah communities with an abundance of information, so all the info I could find was pretty generic.

After using it a few times it started to corrode badly which made the smoke taste horrible and because of my lack of knowledge on the subject it meant that my hookah experience deteriorated rapidly and I lost interest for several years.

I got into it again early last year when a bunch of us went to check out a new Rastafarian-themed club which had opened up and it just so happened that it also had a hookah bar. Needless to say we ended up renting a hookah that night and I purchased my own one not too long after. The rest is history.
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