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Default Re: Got our first Hookah today-pics included!!!

Originally Posted by dmcwebd View Post
lol jilly for your information i got my 2 chinese hookahs from ebay and they work great... oh wait.. i got only 1 hehe but still works great
Lol that is why I said "imo". well I don't trust ebay personally cuz I have heard so many bad stories of how people have gotten screwed over by getting their money stolen or that the hookahs didn't work at all...thats why I personally do not wanna risk it :P

But luckily, the thread starter didn't go through this kind of situations so that's good

Hehe well I don't like knock off or unbranded chinese hookahs Its cuz the chinese hookahs I have bought have rusted in a few washes or about a few months....And I am not the only one who's had dat prob :P
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