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Default Mini 12" pear....surprisingly decent

So, I have 2 hour breaks at school on monday and wednesday. Instead of driving 30 mins back home, I figured I could smoke a hookah. The smallest I have currently is a 26" Egyptian. So I was browsing through hookah-shisha and saw the mini pear. I thought it would be funny to get it and smoke it in the car since it fits great in cup holders. Yesterday I smoked it with a friend and let me tell you, it's surprisingly good for a 12" hookah! First bowl was Romman peach w/ an exotica, lasted a little over an hour. Second bowl(sweet melon) I tried the golden QL's, lasted about 50 mins. Smoke was as cool as my 26", I couldn't believe it. If you want a hookah for the car, get this!

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