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Default Re: Is there a problem with my shisha store?

[quote=JillyIsJustKidding;34511]Trust me, Orange is NOT off lol. I tried it, couldn't taste ANYTHING...for some reason, AF's orange is VERY light. Thank God I only bought a sample pack cuz I really dislike the flavs b/c of that.

AF is known for having moderate flavor intensity. For those of us who enjoy cotemporary moassell but don't want to be knocked off our feet by the strength of, say, a starbuzz or tonic, ect.
I've tried 3 of the new favors, and each one smelled overwhelmingly strong. But the flavor intensity was just right. Now, that's not to say all AF is perfect. As PCserver stated, they have tweaked some of thier flavors recently whith mixed results(see grape, late 2007 batches).
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