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Default The Police State and My Narghile

This past 4th of July has left me questioning if my citizenship is worth keeping.

Some friends and I drove up to Elephant Butte for a night of grilling lamb, drinking homemade beer & soda , smoking some Ark Sous and a self-made replica of Al Fakher Soft Black. We had a permit for our meeting on the beach signed and stamped in hand and none of us even considered any problem arising from our get together which we had having every year for the last 5 or 6 years.

Unfortunately, Sait forgetting the beer was the start of the night going totally wrong. Everything started out alright playing some frisbee and hanging out on the beach for an hour or so. Once the sun started to go down we started grilling some lamb and vegetables and where in the middle of a great meal when a police car rolls up and some cop demands to see our identification.

While we handed the cop our identification a second one starts rummaging around in our cars and yells out that he found paraphernalia. The first cop grabs me and slams my face into the hood of his car mumbling something about what deep shit we all are in. My friends are starting to get worked up and they get cuffed as well. About this time another two police cars pull up and the new cops start dragging out our rigs and telling us that they “know this is drug paraphernalia” and that they are going to take our cars and everything in them as evidence.

We then get to spend a night in jail with no phone calls allowed (supposedly it was out of order) sitting with a bunch of drunk scum. We got released this morning without being changed. The police refused to give us back our cars or our stuff although they did return our wallets. They also refused to give us badge numbers or names.

I called and got everyone a ride back home and while things could have been worse the whole instance really has me pissed.

I am calling lawyers and trying to figure out what is next but frankly this experience is making me wonder if this country is one I should live in. Freedom from malicious police harassment is pretty important and it’s clear America lacks such liberty.
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