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Default Re: The Police State and My Narghile

I'm really not sure what to say, Hajo. I'm sorry, I really am, that you and your friends had to go through all that. But I really don't understand why the police acted that drastically. It does seem misrepresentative of the nation as a whole. And cops and I don't have a buddy-buddy relationship.
Still, it's hard to believe that they went that far out of line. Especially since they had no concrete evidence to bring you in. A briar pipe is technically "paraphenalia", but as I discovered last winter, a legal smoking device cannot be considered as evidence until it is proven to have been used for illegal narcotics. They field tested it, and I'm not sure how. But it was quick and he apologized (sorta) when it came out "clean" of THC resin.
Prevented any further complications, as I was compliant in allowing them to search my vehicle, which was also clean.
This is really a terrible occurrence, and I would pursue whatever legal action you feel justifiable, as I do not know the extent of the story. But most police officers are not violent, blind individuals. You may have a crooked force, and that's a real shame.It's not like that everywhere. Regardless, it's easier to move to another city than another country. Don't be so quick to feel hopeless, although given your string of luck I can see where the frustration becomes inevitable. Hope things turn for the better, man.

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