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Default Re: Don't you hate it...

Originally Posted by speel
I dont mean to be all scientific and such but arent all pipes the same? I have 2 17' hookahs one is a mya qt and one is an egyptian. And I have smoked out of taller ones but to me i feel like I get the same smoke from my qt as well as a 22'
You need to know that not all Egyptian rigs are well made and that a lot of rigs advertised as Egyptian are actually made in China. What makes a narghile worth smoking is actually a multi-faceted subject and if you like I could go into the various things you need to look for.

In short you can't go by a simple generic descriptor like Egyptian when buying a rig but instead you need to know what to look for and I would recommend staying with well known Egyptian and Syrian brands from a handful of decent dealers.

As has been mentioned before setup of your narghile is critical which is why a good smoke is a product of your rig, consumables and your setup method. Cleanliness is something you can never stress enough as Sam pointed out.

All pipes are most certainly unequal as is just about everything in nature.

In terms of height the truth is that if a rig is too tall it becomes hard to pull on and if it's too short it will smoke hotter and more harshly then a full sized one. Obviously everyone has differing notions on the perfect hight in terms of draw vs. heat but generally I have found rigs under 57-60cm are too harsh/hot while ones over 90cm are too hard too draw.

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