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Default Re: The Police State and My Narghile

Originally Posted by Lakemonster
This would be a case where there is much wrong done.

Did anyone give the officers permission to search the vehicles. If not, what gave them "probable cause"?

Some states do require that you identify yourself by state issue ID upon demand.. your state may not require you to identify yourself as a right of privacy.

The fact that they refused to give you badge #'s means they need to hide for a reason.

Do you know if these cops were called out by some one possibly complaining or were they simply patrolling?

No permission was given to search anything but rather, a single policeman took it upon himself to rummage about in our stuff. As to probable cause I believe I was told to shut up when I ask about it. I have no idea if anyone reported us to the police.

All this happened no where I live but about 90 minutes drive to the south in a town I used to like to visit.

I'm really thinking that relocating to the US was a bad move.
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