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Default Re: The Police State and My Narghile

Originally Posted by sammniamii
I'm sorry this happened to you, it really sounds like somebody "tipped" off the police - probalby telling tall tales of "evil deeds" that were clearly NOT being done.

I hope you do figure out someway to make the officers pay for their mistakes... as as bad as it seems, I would suggest perhaps moving to a new city. Sounds as if the locals are down right rude.

The police broke so many rules it's scary - if that sort of behavior had happened in my town, all hell would break loose (my lovely city is know as one of the most voilent on the coast and we are TINY!)

Much love and peace

PS: don't let the idiots smear the whole country. Some places are better than others with acceptance.
Hello Sam. I know that I shouldn't condemn the whole country as a lot of good people live here but I've grown very unhappy with American pop culture and way things have been heading in general. I've lived in a lot of countries and given that several of them have suited me perhaps America and I should part company. Maybe i'm just pissed and all this will fade. In any case I plan on heading to court.

My own town is a pretty nice place to live if one overlooks the poverty and crime. Certainly the land is wonderful to look at and the food is good so I can't complain too much about my surroundings.
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