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Hajo Flettner
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I was looking for washable hoses and I came upon this site: I never heard about this sort of thing before and it seems like a pretty strange concept. I understand wanting a small, portable rig for parties and I understand worrying about breaking your base but this concept seems to have a lot of troubles.

First of all the rig has no ashtray and frankly I can't see smoking without one. Also, a lot of bottles are far from stable so while the stem can fit into it I don't think that should be the extent of what you pick for a base. Third, such a short stem would result in a rig that is very small and certainly a harsh, hot smoke. Forth, the price seems crazy high seeing that what you'd be getting is a stem and a few cheap accessories. Fifth, it seems that you'd need some way to keep the charcoal from falling off given that the base would often be unstable and that you'd be carrying the thing around.

In the end I guess I don't see why such a highly mobile rig is needed. While it's true that carrying around less stuff is always easier smoking narghiles is something you do sitting down around a table and while breakage is always an issue it seems that if your really concerned about it you ought not to do it at a high energy gathering. If you want to smoke something while walking around i'd suggest a Western style pipe or a cigar.

How does this idea grab the rest of you?
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