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Default Sugar Buzz!

So I have been getting a buzz from Starbuzz recently... I assumed it was because i was sick and my immune system was mis-stepping etc., etc...

But then other people started to get it. The Starbuzz i recently received from was fresh, and amazing...the best I've seen SB. I noticed that it was much, much more gooey than my other cans.

So i burned it. They wanted a cloud contest, no biggie. I ended up with a head rush like nobody's damn business, and so did all the other smokers. It wasn't from the nicotine, obviously , cause SB is basically all some form of sugar. It had to be from the sugar. I have burned other SB flavors, never have i felt a buzz before though.

It had to have been form the sugar, that's what was reasoned out. Anything else it could be from? By "Burned" i mean added one more coal and toasted the top (I didn't scorch it and get shit flavor).

I put my vote on Sugar.
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