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Default PICS of new syrian and a ?

so i just got my new syrian and everyone wanted to see some pics. well i finally set up an account on photobucket so i could put them up on here. i put my black nammor on it but i have a green one in the mail so it should look better. also in the mail is a medium tangiers phunnel bowl with the smilies mod and some exoticas. so here are the pics:

so there they are. idk how to put the acctual images onto the screen only the link to them but w/e.

i also have a ? about burning the shisha. everyone talks about not burning the shisha and ways to prevent it. believe me ive tried everything everyone has had to say and i just cant stop the shisha from turning black. ive used 2 layers of foil, ive filled the bowl only half full, ive rotated and ashed the coals every 10-15 mins. is there anything im missing. the foil, i dont think, is not touching the shisha but when i take the foil off its just all black. i have a medium tangiers phunnel bowl coming with the smilies mod and exoticas, do you think this will help my problem. thanks in advance.
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