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Default hookah hookah headache

why is it that everytime i smoke hookah hookah i end up getting a headache after 10 minutes of smoking? the same for hookah freak. i havent heard of HH having a high nicotine content so its probably not that HH/HF has a tangiers effect (the tangiers buzz is pleasurable for me).

i love the flavors, dont get me wrong, HH/HF has some great flavors, but it ends up being a sort of Hookah Siren, calling to you, looking really sexy, but as soon as you put your lips to it, it gives you this massive headache. does anyone else have this same thing happen to them with HH/HF?

i recall back when boomhauer came over to smoke, we had a bowl of HH lemonade going on, great stuff! but we both ended up with some crazy headaches.

one thing i do notice however and want to make note of, there is only one HF flavor that doesnt give me a massive buzz and thats atomic fireball. for some reason, every flavor but atomic fireball will give me a really bad headache.
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