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Default Re: hookah hookah headache

Originally Posted by Raid3n View Post
my guess is that there might be some sort of chemical or something that you have a reaction to? thats the only thing i can come up with, but if boom got it too i dont know what to say...
yea. its a really tricky thing. thats why im hoping that by posting this thread, others will be like, "hey! the same exact thing happens to me!". for a while i was thinking maybe im smoking it way too fast, BUT, today for example, i start smoking, and ten minutes into the session i have a intense headache already.

i think for the future i should stick with (in my case) starbuzz. great flavor and no buzz. but the hookah siren that HH/HF is, im always drawn to it knowing that im going to end up with a headache.
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