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Default Re: hookah hookah headache

Originally Posted by Raid3n View Post
could be it, if thats the case then shit. cause i smoke only starbuzz, havana, and layalina pretty much. I would like to try HF really badly too, some of those flavors sound good.

eh these shots or two will tell me if thats it or not. cause that very much so could be the cause
lol! who knows man.

HF has some GREAT stuff! but for me and this HH/HF headache thing, i only smoke it when im feeling brave or when the stuff is calling to me. maybe there is a point where one becomes a hookah connesuier like a wine taster - only the finest stuffs appease the palette.

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Do you drink water or something like that while smoking? Do you have food in your stomach? Cuz as you know, that could be a factor ...

yea, actually, i make it a point before everytime i smoke HH/HF, i grab something to drink and eat a meal but always the same result. empty stomach, full stomach, something to drink, nothing to drink, same thing happens.
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