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Default Re: hookah hookah headache

Originally Posted by Zombii View Post
I get the headache too when I smoke HH, but seeing as how I only have HH and AF and I haven't been smoking very long, I don't think it's the fact that you've gotten too used to only smoking high grade tobacco. It could possibly be the fact that it is low grade shisha, or maybe it triggers a mild allergic reaction in some people. Is it just like a normal headache or is it a sinus headache (around the eyes, brows, forehead and bridge of the nose)?
i was hoping that it wasnt because i normally smoke starbuzz etc! i would hate to think of myself as some sort of pretentious hookah smoker, "i only smoke the good stuff, that other stuff is rubbish for the proles". the headache is a normal one. but what strikes me is that only after ten minutes of smoking the headache appears.
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