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Yeah I've heard it cuts 7 minutes off per cigarette. Not sure if it's true or if it's merely anti-cigarette crazy campaigner folks. But I wouldn't doubt it.

I also read about a few sites trying to claim that hookah smoking is so much worse than cigarette smoking. Which, yeah it lasts longer, but you feel it in your lungs, that the smoke is much cleaner, especially with the lack of tar and all. Yeah if you don't know what you're doing Co2 is a risk, but with natural coals especially, they burn much cleaner and once fully lit, they're is no smoke which (I think) eliminates or severely reduces the risk of Co2 poisoning.

I love smoking hookah, the only reason I still smoke cigarettes is because I need a quick nicotine fix when I'm out and am unable to smoke hookah or sometimes I'm just too lazy.

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