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Default Re: Reporting Posts ... How YOU Can Help!!!

i dont know. I kinda feel the way austin does. I usually warn the member myself with a friendly PM telling them that the post is against the rules and it would be good if it was edited for the benefit of the whole community. AND it usually works. I 've talked to 5 maybe more member about their posts up to now and they were all edited and they also THANKED ME . I believe the most friendly way is always the best way to deal with something (believeme, i've done mistakes at a young age and i fortunately learned from them) IMO if someone is warned by MOD he thinks "OMG THESE JER** are fr***ing strict, am outahere"

And other than that... Why ask a mod if you can take care if it yourself? In the extreeme case that he wont listen, i will report.
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