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Default Re: Herbal mu'essel blends

Wow, pretty high and mighty there guys. That's the same kind of prejudice that gets hookah smokers called stoners. Even if the site seems to lend itself to the ***-smoking scene, none of the products are illegal, nor are they presented as legal substitutes for illegal drugs. How are you going to point to someone smoking a hand-rolled, legal herb and call them a worthless degenerate, and not expect people to do the same when they see you smoking a hookah?

I don't touch illegal drugs, but there are a few products I've ordered from this site to do some hookah experimentation. I ordered a pound of Damiana to try making some herbal shisha of my own, which didn't quite work out. I had more success mixing Blue Lotus and/or Yerba Lena Yesca with shisha -- Tangiers Lemon Blossom is my favorite -- for an impressive smoke not only in terms of flavor, but the buzz. It's much more clear and crisp than the buzz you get from nicotine on its own. Oh, how my worth as a human being has degenerated...

As for whether or not sugar cane is healthier than tobacco... it always surprises me that people approach herbal shisha with this angle -- looking for something that is safer than tobacco. As far as I know, if we're talking about smoking hookah, there's no real health risk linked directly to the tobacco -- it's the coals that present the danger. If anything, herbal shisha is more threatening than tobacco, as the companies who make it usually don't reveal their ingredients.

By the way, sucks -- I never got that pound of damiana I ordered. They sent me an ounce instead, and after several emails have never tried to make it right. is much better in all aspects, especially presentation.
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