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Default Re: Herbal mu'essel blends

I labeled the site degenerate for the simple reason that they clearly cater towards people smoking illegal material and in my experience such people are degenerate . While it is true that the site sells legal stuff the same can be said of every “head shop” around.

Now clearly I don’t view you as a degenerate and I hope that you did not take it that way. Also, I have no problem what so ever with people smoking legal herbs for reasons other then “getting high” and I hope that I have not given you that impression.

Personally, I am interested in trying a few different herbs not to get a legal high but for the purpose of taste and smoking pleasure.

Again, I hope I did not offend you as that is not my intention.

The health thing is a bit complicated and more then I want to get into at the moment.

In any case, I would like to hear what you have to say about herbal smoking blends and where to buy them and why. Personally, I have never gotten a buzz from shisha and that is not a reason for me to smoke.

In any case, it seems that the herbal smoking mixtures I’ve seen on line are very expensive and I’m not sure how they taste so I’d like to learn about that. Are any of these mixtures suited to use with narghiles?
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