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Default Re: Smileys Tobbaco?

the Dist dude has stated a "Smiley Snack" (15g shot i believe) should be around $5.99

Not even HH shots are that bad.... This whole thing leaves a bad taste/feeling in me. Why would Smiley do this, he can't be blind to the ramacations of alienating his customer base. Even if some people are purchasing the shisha, the price to too high to maintain a mass market - not compaired to other brands already out there (And the fact alot of previous customers may be hestiant in re-trying).

*sigh* A pity, i was looking forward to the new flavors, but now - I'm not overly sure if I want to even try. Not saying it wouldn't be worth it, but the princple behind the whole ordeal is what upsetting my morals.
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