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Default Re: Smileys Tobbaco?

I tried 3 different Smiley flavours last night and they were all bland and tasteless. Frankly It will take great tasting free samples to get me to try his stuff again.

I was reading the thread by Smiley's new distributor at the other forum and I can say is that the guy is a walking PR disaster. Getting anything other then how great the new product and packing was like pulling teeth. He is very defensive and almost never answered anybody’s questions but kept up with the silly “Smiley’s is the best quality stuff money can buy, our packing is great and our pricing (unstated) is in keeping with how great it is” bit. Eventually he said a sample of unspecified size will have an MSRP of 5.99USD.

The problem is that he did quote prices of 15USD per 15g to other distributors recently but now is claiming that those quotes were not actual prices but something else. After endless shuck and jive we find out that Smiley’s stuff will not show up in mail order places but retail outlets and lounges only which seems like stupid decision to me. What we have here is an honesty problem combined with arrogance and frankly none of it sits well with me.

Assuming that the implied MSRP of 5.99USD for “brick and mortar stores” and lounges is accurate the pricing is still crazy even if the quality is very high. At a lounge the cost of the shisha is a small part of the cost of a session so that if someone charges 8-12USD for a session with shisha coming from 1KG tubs it doesn’t take an accountant to figure out that smoking Smiley’s a lounge is going to be stratosphericly expensive. Given that 15g won’t even fill my funnel with a mod in it I can’t say I’m too interested in buying a “shot” at a local shop. Looking at various on line retailers it seems that “shots” of high end shisha typically go for 1-2USD each and paying 3 times that is something that almost no one would be willing to do.

The bottom line for me is that Smiley and his distributor are proving they doesn’t or deserve our money.
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