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Default Re: Smileys Tobbaco?

OK OK - Coming from someone who JUST bought smileys 3 days ago from MN..... The stuff has not changed. Which is disappointing since I shelled out 9 bux for it. Plus it was in a weird jar that I did not like compared to the cobalt blue ones. I hope this isn't the new and improved packaging. If so... Yikes as this improved packaging looked even more cheap than the cobalt jars... I'm also still having a hard tim believing there was 150g in there..

I hope the new stuff has the kinks worked out of it. I ordered prickley Pear and Blue Berry... 18 bux + shipping for 300g that tastes like nothing. I'm heart broken, as my first several jars of smiley had great flavor.

I would highly suggest that you take up online websites. If not, even if the product is better I wont be able to get my hands on it. You will also be cutting out a HUGE market and that's probably not the best idea. There is one store that carries tobbacco other than nakhla in all of Jacksonville FL. They are sooooo snoody they wont pick it up. It's called Nicotine in Jax fl. But good luck trying to sell it to them. I do all my HOOKAH shopping on-line. I hope you dont cut out online retailers.

BTW- Tangiers has minimal packaging and a GREAT product. He's an awesome guy, with an awesome product. He distibutes to Online retailers, they ship the items out quickly and promptly. Recieved my online order in 4 days. Not bad from Minnesota. to FL. (and 4th of july grrr) It's not the packaging that made me buy his product. His reviews by other members, his time spent on this boards, and his prices made me buy it. 250 for 11.00 bux is A heck of a lot better than 9 bux for 150g

I refuse to by HH shots at 1.75 ? i think it is? and I smoke HH on a regular basis. I wont buy the snacks for 5.99 unless they are made of gold. That's ridiculus. (I understand that price fluctuates but the possibility of paying 5.99 for 15 g? when i can buy 250 g of nakhla for 5.99 at my local bazzar is crazy.

Also wanted to say - i have purchased a lot of smileys over the past few months. I bought it from him even though the batches weren't consitant because I wanted to help him improve his product, give him feedback and he was a contributor both forums. Now I wont pay another 9.00 for it unless it's on the money with a money back guaruntee if it's NOT.

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