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Default Re: Smileys Tobbaco?

Nice to see you around Cymptom.

I think you have a point in that in almost any market suppliers will always ajust prices upward if they think they can get away with. That is a good reason not to buy stuff that is wildly expensive even if it is great.

Still, I think that narghile smoking needs to get a braoder base then 20 somethings because frankly tha market is too subject fads and I can see a lot of people that are smoking narghiles now giving up on it in a few months. I would be good for the scene if a high end market segment, a small one, came around and such a market shouldn't result in crazy prices for most of us. Nazar and talked about this a bit and it's something I think would be good although 6USD for 15g is crazy no matter what. Perhaps half that for something fantastic would be worth getting once or twice a year.
Originally Posted by cymptom
It really doesn't matter how good this stuff is. Even if it gave me an orgasm with every puff, I wouldn't pay $6 for 15g. Hell, I wouldn't pay over $20 for 250g. Seriously people, don't do it -- don't even consider it. Once people start allowing themselves to spend that much money on one brand, up go the prices of the rest. Don't pay $6 for 15 grams -- don't pay it for 25 or 50 or 75 grams. To me, it only begins to make sense around $6 for 100g.

That said, I doubt there will be a major improvement in the shisha. Just a hunch, I guess. But the only way I'd try it is for free -- and if the distributor was confident in the quality of the shisha, I'm sure he'd be giving out free samples like almost every other brand has done.
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