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Default Re: Smoking traditional mu'essel

Hello all,

I should say that the so called "black" mu'essel can be very enjoyable as quality tobacco has a wide range of flavours worth exploring. Decent tobacoo in any form should not be confused with cigarettes which combine low quality tobacco leaf ( and often stems, stocks and root in order to bump up nicotine content) which will always burn hot due to lose packing and and overly fine cuttings. I would suggest that one can't compare old fashioned mu'essel with with other forms of tobacco but instead it should be judged on it's own. Those of you that like a lighter bodied session should try H-H's cavendish which is excellent. If anyone has any more questions about more old fashioned styles of narghile tobacco just ask.

Keep in mind that when you add glycerine to "black" style mu'essel you should be by a sink a regularly wet your finger tips.

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