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Default No longer a "teenager" lol.

That's right, I am officially twenty today. W00t , haha.
Two decades sounds much older though..anywho..
Some of my buddies surprised me last night, they know I am serious about my narghile practices, and I often invite them to partake. Which they do
SO they chipped in and renewed my currents stash, and ordered for me (i love these guys)
-Nahkla Sweet Melon
-Layalina Blueberry, Blackberry,Watermelon, Strawberry Kiwi
- hookah-shisha black plastic washable hose
-new black mya hose
-mouthtips-some three kings
And a jar of the "smooth" mix from H-F.

I was humbled and very happy lol. Nice surprise, for sure. We're all going to sit around and have an excellent session when it comes in!

::misspelled Layalina, and it was buggin me lol::edit
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