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Default Re: Herbal mu'essel blends

Ok, that is not a "true" stoner site - I've seen those, that stuff is true herbs. It looks otherwise, but I've seen some of this stuff up close (don't ask - I have strange friends).

I'm a herbalist on the side and can list off 5-12 different off the shelf cooking herbals that can be safetly smoked (for various effects - medicine type effects, get your minds out of the gutter). I can also list 12 herbs that will kill you off the top of my head (and some of you would be surprised at some of them - it'a all about amounts).

I've seen this stuff localy - they passed laws and made most of the stores (Head shops) stop carrying it. It looks too similar to "bad things" and the cops were always pestering them.

For the most part - it's not worth the money spent on it. By some chance in God(s) you are a stoner and want to stay legal - it's still not worth the money.

I highly suggest avoiding it - price wise if nothing else. Think of the size of your typical hookah bowl - imagine how much it would take to fill - and this stuff is normally dried, it will go up fast even if the coal wasn't touching it.

Stick with shisha for your hookah. At least you know what you are smoking - this stuff, it's anybody's guess as they don't even know in many cases (most of the stores had no idea - scary!).
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