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Default Re: Sweet is getting old

I think the trouble with not finding "other than sweet" shisha is due to the glycerin. It has a sweet flavor.... I would imagine that if you smoked high glycerin, unflavored shisha... that it would have a slight sweetness to it. Tobacco itself has a slight sweetness to it many times... depends on the strain and the curing.

I also imagine that it would be tough to market a non-fruit shisha. I dont think it would have the same sex appeal on the shelf. Imagine looking at a row of shisha flavors..... theres grape... theres and theres Kung Pao Chicken...... oh look.. they got peach!

But I know where you are going on some of the shisha being really sweet.... wish there was something different going on.

What I would really like to see... if could be done well, would be shishas representing some of pipe blends like Butter Rum Cavendish..... or a good english blend with the crisp kick of Latakia... something like Dunhill 965. Unfortunately, all the "Pipe" flavored shishas Ive had were just vanilla.

Rudie....... wow.... your one of the only other people Ive met that liked cardamom shisha. Wish I could find that stuff nowadays..... El Basha (I think) made that.... but I havent seen it in a coons age.

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