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Default How hookahs became extinct.

I was thinking today about the evolution of hookah. I began to wonder when the hookah might cease to be recognizable as such.

For the relatively short time I have been smoking hookah, theres been some major changes with the device. They seem to be getting shorter. The overall shape is changing. Seems theres a new whiz-bang device to add on every 15 minutes.... which alters the appearance radically or changes the way it is smoked in some minor way... the manufacturing has gone from hand crafted to the latest in high speed mass production.

What I think is gonna kill the hookah is that it will evolve into another creature.

Kind of like the what some scholars say happened to some of the dinosaurs..... they evolved into our common birds of today.

So basically, our hookahs now are kinda like the dinosaur. Tall, majestic creatures........

......that are evolving into chickens.

I can see myself being that grumpy old man years from now when some young whipper-snapper shows up with a thread about his "Killer hookah!!! Yo check da pics".... then you open it up to see an 9 inch pumpkin hookah with a 8 headed bowl and the vase says "BALLA" in faceted glass.
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