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Default Re: How hookahs became extinct.

Originally Posted by Lakemonster

I can see myself being that grumpy old man years from now when some young whipper-snapper shows up with a thread about his "Killer hookah!!! Yo check da pics".... then you open it up to see an 9 inch pumpkin hookah with a 8 headed bowl and the vase says "BALLA" in faceted glass.
That is a most excellent observation.
Just recently, a friend of mine bought a light-up hookah with fish(??)around the stem. Fake plastic fish. It had a crap hose, and a metal bowl. I The little fake fish "swam" in bubbling water above the base. I couldnt believe it. He payed 80 bucks too.
I was just awestruck that
a)someone could invent such a piece of crap
b)anyone would buy it.

But ,like Joe Strummer said, "The Future is unwritten," lol.
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