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Default More Burnt Shisha

so i have had this problem literally every session i have. when i take the foil off at the end all the shisha is black and burnt. belive me ive tried everything to prevent this. i have filled the bowl only half way, use less coals, put two layers of foil on, tried lifting the coal off the bowl using the foil. i also just got a medium tangiers bowl with the smilies mod. after my first couple sessions with that they still were burnt. i only filled the tangiers up half way and with the mod it lifts the foil up so the coals dont weigh it down, and i had 2 1/4 sticks of exoticas on there(if that makes a difference.) when you smoke does your shisha look exactly the same(in color) when you take the foil off? what am i doing wrong? thanks
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