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Default Re: More Burnt Shisha

The shisha is always burned and black when you're done with it. That's how you get the smoke.. Keeping the shisha a little bit lower than the foil IS good, but only because it keeps it from having a direct burn(a couple of millimeters at most is all it takes). The difference that you might see people describing about "burning their shisha" is that a direct burn(which makes the smoke taste bad) is where the shisha is being burned by touching the heat source through the foil. The proper way is more of an "air burn" i guess... Where the air is passing over the coals and the air heats to a couple of hundred degrees, and then passes through your shisha, to cook it to give you nice smoke without the harsh burnt taste.

It will however always, no matter if its Air or Direct Burn, turn the shisha black and burnt.
Hope that helps.

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