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Default Re: How hookahs became extinct.

Hookahs becoming the new "fad" both hurts and helps the hookah crowd - but mainly hurts it in the long run.

It can help by letting more people get used to it, using them and enjoying them. But I think like all "fads" it eventualy gets to the point where it most definatly starts causing harm to the orginial idea or item.

Even the modern hookahs are pushing it already - even MYA, and they do make some very nice looking hookahs. I personally love the E or syrian style - I love the history and tradition. It's part of the alure and mystery of the hookah culture (and many cultures who use them).

Many of the people I know who smoke hookahs don't have traditional set-ups, they have the el'cheapo hookahs they bought for WAY too much money (or they have the tiny ones). Many think the tradation ones are too pricey or difficult to use - I try to educate as many as I find to the truths (and dispell the myths) as I can - hopign they spread it to others.

But the "downward" trend in hookah designs do have me alittle sorry that they have altered it to a cheap commoditiy w/ planned obsolence to it.
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