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Default Re: How hookahs became extinct.

The good side to the rise of junk rigs is that the people that buy them will discover they don't work well pretty much forcing them to either give up the whole thing or look into quality products. Of course when anything becomes trendy it draws the attention of idiots and people looking to follow the heard. Those of use that have a bit more knowledge of this stuff need to try to teach these people to avoid the crap and learn something about beauty and pleasure of narghile smoking.

Finding traditional rigs is a tough thing in the states but a few good suppliers exist. Our own Jimmy Z has sources for hand made rigs and Nazar has family members bringing back family made stuff from Turkey. Even if you can't get a genuine hand built bit of narghile art for a price you are comfortable with high quality Egyptian and Syrian stuff can be had in the U.S. for reasonable prices with a little bit of work.
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