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Default Nofrendo took a vacation... hehe

MAN I have been busy...

I guess no one noticed I haven't been posting...

You guys suck... TOTALLY J/K LOL OMG AFK

But anyways, I haven't been smoking hookah lately either, and I realized why.

I placed a large order (by my standards) of a kilo total of Tangiers from MNH.

The flavors I got were Spearmint, Peach, F-Line Apple, and F-Line Red Tea.

Getting to the point, I was never able to get them to really... smoke well

I got HUGE clouds and the monster buzz, but the tobacco was always quite a bit too harsh. I could get close to filling my lungs, but could never quite do it without coughing, and to get close took a lot of self control.

It's also a little annoying that I feel nauseous after about 15 mins of smoking.

The only one I have been able to smoke successfully is the spearmint, because of its cooling effect.

I know that Tangiers is supposed to smoke really well if you get it right

I just don't want to feel like I wasted money on this.

I have just about every possible combo of the following:

Smiley's coals, small and large chunks


Single Foil

Double Foil

Deep normal bowl (lots of air space)

Shallow normal bowl (no space)

Ice in base

No ice

Medium Phunnel bowl (almost puked)

Mya Acrylic

Mya Bohemian

Can someone please help here. And yes I acclimated. Every flavor went from smelling like BBQ dog food to having a great and distinct smell... if still slightly meaty.

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