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Default Re: Nofrendo took a vacation... hehe

Hello NF, good to see you around again. What on earth does "J/K LOL OMG AFK" mean?

While I have never tried any Tangiers stuff I understand that it is very fussy and hard to get going just right. I have heard that the F-line is very harsh and if you wish to fill your lungs with it you should expect a rough time. Still, that is only what I heard and i'm not a a seasoned f-line smoker by any means.

I would suggest that you may have gotten a bad batch of just missed some fine point of set up peculiar to f-line. I will say that you might want to look into a different, bigger, rig if you are having harshness issues. I also would note that many times when people get sick they smoke too aggressively and for too long. Smoking should be relaxing so worry less about getting huge clouds and focus more on the flavour. I don't inhale aggressively (if at all) simply because flavour is what care most about and my lung lack taste buds.

Anyway it nice to see you around and I hope you figure out what you need too get real enjoyment of the sacred narghile.
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