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Default Re: Nofrendo took a vacation... hehe

Not dissing on you, but it's a combo of the shisha and your body. Some Tangiers I can smoke for an hour - no issues. Kashmir Peach did what it does to you - I gave it away after the thrid time I tried it and it DID make me sick. :P

But, try using ice cold water w/ ice - chill the base jar and if possible the stem - that does help me to not suffer the harshness for 15-20 more mintues. Tangiers is great, i love the taste, but it's strong. In my opnion, the strongest out there.

When I smoke tangiers - i give up after 30min, any more and I'm sick. My smoker BF can't even do that much - it's that strong to him.

Oh, and reducing the amount of coals will only reduce the amount of smoke & taste, it does make it easier to "smoke" but don't expect much smoke.

I typically use 4 squares of Japanese tabs, spaced evenly along the edge (w/ mod or without). Put them on for 5 min, rotate, cook 5 more, rotate - then draw. If too harsh, I'll remove 1 coal and adjust the placement. I've found the coals need to be moved every 5-10 min.

Plus, make sure you have packed enough shisha into the bowl - tangiers can't be used sparingly. Fill 'er up.
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