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Default Starbuzz smokers - questions

Is it just me or does Starbuzz seem alot more senative to heat than many other brands? At first I thought it was the coals I was using (Goldens), but I went and got some more Japanese tabs and I'm getting the same trouble.

After 45-55mins, the shisha is basiclly burnt. In order to contiune I have to remove the foil, scrape away the burnt stuff and either "toss" the remaining shisha or add more. I don't have to do this with any other brand but Hookah-Hookah.

I'm using:
1 (33m) Golden - tried both broken and whole, on the outside edge.
2 squares of Japanese Silver tabs, also on outside edge.
The bowls have been standard clay, mini clay (holds like 10-15g) or glass.
Filled the bowl lightly - left space between the shisha and the cover (foil/screen).
Tried foil, glass screen and metal screen.

ALL with the same result. After 45-55 mins, I have to remove and toss the shisha.

For such a "premuim" shisha, I'm really disappointed in Starbuzz. The cut is lousy, more stems than AW, and seems heat senative. I'm glad people have given me samples as I'm now very relucant to spend good money on this shisha.

I'll give them props for the smoke and taste (mostly - chocolate mint is weak), but Layalina, Al Fakher and Fusion will do the same at 50-30% the price tag.

Anybody else noticed this or am I just losing my ablity to smoke right (in my avanced old age - LOL)
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